Experiential learning program

21 September, 2021

Experiential learning program is a system of experiential learning courses, academic exchange and cultural exchange, in which extracurricular activities, internship and college orientation are organized across a school year. This program is designed to enable students to get contact with reputable schools, businesses, organizations from Vietnam and abroad such as: Miss Porter’s – one of the leading girl’s boarding schools in America, Fulbright University Vietnam, Forbes, VinTaTa, Facebook, Google, etc.

Academic and cultural exchange program



Every year, Students will have a chance to gain study experience with the curricular programs at international partner schools, such as 2019 Cultural and educational exchange program with students from Miss Porter’s (top20 boarding schools in the US). In addition to that, other experiential and cultural exchange activities in partnership with international schools will be organized, for instance 2019 Cultural exchange program with students from Glashan&Standstead school (Canada)

Experiential courses




Experiential courses are an important sector in International Diploma Program, in order to enable students to approach advance, ground-breaking thinking and knowledge in multiple professions, with a goal of building deep awareness, superior abilities and virtue. These courses are designed by Olympia academic department, with the consultation and companion from domestic and foreign experts and organizations in various areas of expertise, such as Minh Beta (Havard MBA), Mr.Ngo Di Lan (International relations postgraduate - Brandeis University), Dr.Nguyen Chi Hieu (PhD in Economics – Stanford University), Mr.Nguyen Thanh An (Master of Education – Harvard University), Mr.Nguyen Hoang Khanh (Harvard Law School), etc

Internship and Career orientation


Students in International Diploma program are able to participate in Internship and Career orientation program with chances to contact, study and take the internship at domestic and international companies, such as Forbes (Vietnam), OmniLabs (USA), Chula Fashion (Singapore), GTC (Singapore), Stanstead (Canada), etc.


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