International joint diploma program carried out the project "Enhancing customer experience at Hatoyama restaurant"

30 September, 2021

Recently, the International Joint Diploma Program students continued their practical experience in business at Hatoyama Restaurant. With the topic of “Developing market strategy to increase customer experience at Hatoyama and compete with other Japanese restaurants in the same segment”, the 10th grader students had had a journey to work together, experience together to come up with sharp business strategies.



“Right after receiving the topic, we decided to divide into two groups, one is for researching customer experience in F&B industry, and the other is for business research and finding solutions. After a week, we had gathered the necessary information about the customer of the F&B industry and its influence on the business and the current situation at Hatoyama Restaurants. However, seeing is believing, we went to the restaurant as customers to put ourselves inside their shoes and come up with appropriate strategies. After two weeks of preparation, we had worked, discussed, and debated to come up with different online and offline strategies for helping the restaurant to create customer experiences that stand out from other competitors.”



“The experience at Hatoyama had brought us real-life insights into the signature of a Japanese Restaurant. In addition to being highly appreciated by Mr. Nguyen Quoc Viet (Vice Director at Hatoyama Nguyen Chanh for our proposed strategies, we also got the chance to experience the service of the restaurant as customers.”



Thao Anh (10QT) shared: “I am very impressed when Mr. Viet talked about the Japanese tableware presentation, their table manner on how to be polite with accompanies and also show respect to the attendants and the chiefs. Furthermore, he also explained how to design the lights to make diners perceive the meticulousness and luxuriate of the dishes. I can see that creativity, attention to detail is some of the elements that make a difference in the customer experience.”
Mai Dong (10QT) shared: “In my opinion, Hatoyama is a new and unique culinary experience. From the interior to the dishes, everything stands out from other lines of Japanese Restaurants. What surprised me the most is the customer service and the staff attitude, everything from the staff to the dishes satisfied me.”



“After the experience, we came to realize that customer experience is what makes a business successful. From the smallest thing like staff gestures to the way they communicate with the customers can cause a huge effect on the diners’ experience. For all the industries, jobs, especially the service industry, in addition to having competent managers, another important factor is having enthusiastic, passionate employees. That is why Hatoyama always follows their 3T principle: Smiling – Honesty – Dedication.”

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