[International Diploma Program] Episode 2: THE GIRL WHO FOUND HER VOICE

07 October, 2021

[International Diploma Program] - We wrote, and grew, and wrote some more



Following the seriesWe wrote, and grew, and wrote some more”, we will watch the story of Nguyen Ngoc Anh, a persistent and highly responsible student of class 11QT.

Ngoc Anh has speech impediment which causes her a lot of difficulties in speech. At grade 8, she joined the International Diploma Program, honed her critical thinking, discussed and presented at class; hence, she gained the confidence to join the debate club at Olympia. In fact, her application to the club was rejected by Ms. Phan My Linh, the club head teacher, who is also her English teacher at the International Diploma Program. Ms. Linh thought that Ngoc Anh had good critical thinking and D-Doxa Club had never rejected any applicant before. However, she was afraid that Ngoc Anh might feel overwhelmed and demotivated by the required debate and presentation skills at the club, which might hinder her speech improvement.

But Ngoc Anh did not give up. Under the coaching of her teachers at the International Diploma Program, she took on show choir to practice pronouncing, breathing, and intonation. After one year, she had a chance to perform in the Europe and gained a big prize. Then she moved to debate club and not surprisingly, she got the championship title for team thanks to her efforts, commitment and International Diploma Program teachers’ support.

Let us follow and listen to Ngoc Anh’s story in the video





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